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R. R. Dhoot Architects & Engineers Pvt Ltd is a top architect in Pune serving homeowners with their design and construction team. Our design and construction involve creativity, quality, and commitment. We believe in timeless design solutions reflecting the client’s needs and practical, environmentally sensitive, construction technology. We offer solutions for those who want to build their dream home with excellent facilities.

Residential Architect in Pune

Being top architecture firms in Pune There are several things we keep in mind while designing a residential building. Our primary objective is to satisfy the requirements of our clients when it comes to planning and other things. Also illustrating and describing the client’s vision with the designer’s inspiration. At this stage, we begin the design process by establishing a realistic budget that both the client and the construction team are comfortable with. We take care of everything in residential architectural designs in Pune and other cities.
We implement the latest technologies and methodologies when building a dream home with outstanding amenities. We focus more on following things in residential architectural design.

  • Concept designing
  • Interior designing
  • Landscaping
  • Fabrication
  • Building models
  • Map layout drawing
  • Cost study and feasibility
  • Architecture design
  • Zoning approvals and planning assistance
  • Master programming and planning
  • Computer aided designs with 3D applications

Our residential services are as per international standards that allow clients to design a property with excellence. In addition, we take care of the environment into consideration when creating a home property.

Our Work Process

We work closely with our clients to create spaces in an eco-friendly environment with modern approaches. We evaluate the preferences of clients and then plan a project accordingly. Apart from that, we also let our clients make changes in designing for experiencing high-level comforts. Our clients rest easy in the knowledge that their home is in good hands. They know a skilled, trusted professional is overseeing their building project, ensuring all work is completed to the highest quality, delivered on time and within budget. We aim to apply inspiration, imagination, and creativity to all of our projects, building environments that are a pleasure to inhabit – capturing sunlight, properly utilizing space, and giving that high quality, professional finish.
Our company is capable of designing luxurious homes, bungalows, condos, villas, and apartments at affordable rates. We offer services for leading builders and construction companies to make their project a successful one with high accuracy. We complete all our projects on time allowing clients to avoid additional expenses. Also offer consultations for clients enabling them to plan everything at affordable budgets.

Reach Us now for Residential Architecture Design Services

For more details about our design process you can send requirements to us through email. Our architect teams will study them with special attention and suggest an architectural style that suits your project.
Furthermore, you can contact us over the phone to know more about our services in detail and we will send the model plans after evaluating the requirements of clients.

Residential Architect Projects – We Worked

Our company successfully completed several residential architectural projects in Pune and other cities. Some of them include:

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