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Industrial architecture is one of the most notable residential styles in cities today. Prominent and leading architect company R. R. Dhoot Architects & Engineers Pvt Ltd from Pune, we offer industrial architectural services for clients with excellence with an objective to full-fill the requirements of a project with the advanced approaches. Our goal is to combine functionality and design and reveal impressive construction worthy of admiration and recognition. We provide ways to create an industrial structure that mutually benefit both users and manufacturers.

Industrial Architect

Industrial Architecture mainly involves designing and creating spaces for industries to carry out important tasks in a flexible environment. Being top industrial architects in Pune, we understand the client’s specific needs and find innovative solutions for them. We work in various sectors such as energy, transportation, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and process industries. An industrial facility covers all amenities such as raw materials distribution, product inspection, quality testing, labeling, packaging, material handling, material delivery, and so on.
Being Top Industrial architecture firms in Pune we offer industrial architectural services for the following sectors.

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Biotechnology manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Breweries
    • Distilleries
    • Assembly plants
    • Research & Testing facilities
    • Medical devices production plants
    • Food production and packaging

We follow the latest technologies including robotics that can perform tasks with high accuracy to achieve the best results. In addition, we make sure that each structure is well-equipped with outstanding facilities to ensure high protection from potential risks.

Our Process & Strategy

Industrial architecture involves certain considerations before designing a project which includes regulatory compliance, energy consumption, workflow, resilience, safety, and so on. Our company has extensive experience in industrial architect designing and our team understands the needs of clients in detail. Moreover, they design a building that suits the requirements of a project.
We study the following things in detail before designing an industrial project.

  • Raw materials
  • Circulation efficiency
  • Raw materials storage
  • Utilities
  • Sustainability
  • Finished goods storage
  • Packing and loading

We make sure that the industrial operations run smoothly to enhance functionality and productivity. Our company develops concepts and specifications after evaluating the data provided by the manufacturer. Industrial architects of our company draft a plan based on the descriptions of a project and create a drawing by using the latest applications including 3D approaches. As a reputed company, we supervise everything under expert teams to create a healthy environment with innovative ideas. In addition, we allow clients to make changes in the designs which perfectly fit their project.

Why choose us for Industrial Architecture Design Services?

We are being recognized as top architects in Pune to utilize cutting-edge technologies in designing and planning that allow clients to create spaces that full-fill the goals of a project. Our company offers services at competitive prices to valuable customers with special attention. Furthermore, we take steps to complete a project on time to plan operations accordingly. Industrial buildings willing to create the spaces for production can send their requirements to us through email. We will study them in detail and suggest a plan which fits their project and budgets.

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