People who choose an architecturally designed home get a unique plan that is well-suited to their lifestyle and housing needs. By beginning with a blank canvas, the Owners are free from being bound by the typical layouts and specific room sizes of a project home or being compelled to make accommodations for the limitations imposed by the house. Most people have a vision for their dream home when they hire an architect, R R Dhoot gives them the chance to combine all of their ideas and preferences into the perfect solution. An architect’s house design includes proper room sizes and effective circulation, resulting in a home where all of the rooms are intended to maximize the purposes that may be accommodated. An expert architect like R R Dhoot will truly contribute value in these areas: The living spaces can be enlarged to accommodate the entire family, the bedrooms can be configured for single or double occupancy, and the kitchen and dining areas can be designed to meet the owners’ cooking and entertaining needs. Rooms are appropriately sized so that money is not wasted on rooms that are too large or too small to be useful. An architect will examine the significant environmental factors when creating a home. The Architect ensures a suitable internal living environment (not too hot in summer, not too chilly in winter) and reduces the expense of excessive energy usage by resolving these issues. 


In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, good interior design also considers the needs of the users. An interior designer will do an initial consultation with you before commencing the project to learn more about your interests, favorite colours, ideal house design, way of life, and even your habits. This makes it easy to find a model that fits your needs. No more rooms that aren’t used or extraneous decorations. With the help of an experienced interior designer, you can maximize the functionality of every area of your home. The designing process will be made simpler as more data is acquired. The result is a home that feels unique. Interior designers regularly follow the latest trends. They keep abreast of developments in interior design, architecture, and technologies, including multi-purpose furniture, ecological materials, and energy-efficient lighting. R R Dhoot even does interiors that will make your home both modern and functional. You will have access to a large selection of furnishings, fabrics, and wall coverings that are only available to the trade and that you won’t likely ever see otherwise if you hire an interior designer. Additionally, you will have access to the services of workrooms and tradespeople with whom the designer has developed relationships over time. You could end up with a beautiful home that is tailored to your preferences and way of life and furnished with items that have been selected by a professional for their beauty, quality, and durability. 


You won’t necessarily save money by doing things yourself. Decorating can take a long time, require a lot of decision-making, and require a steep learning curve. What is the value of your time? Will the time investment be worth the savings in fees? Will you lose your savings if you make a mistake and have to redo something? You might fail. Also, you’ll either have to live with that mistake for a long time or spend a lot of money to fix it. “Are you able to visualize things? Do you have a creative side? If you’re not, then, at that point, you want some assistance, because it is costly, and you would rather not commit any errors.” 

How do Architects and Interior Designers Collaborate? 

Architects and Interior Designers rely on each other’s expertise and experience to produce the final product: a house that looks great from the inside out. The interior design team with architects collaborate at R R Dhoot on your renovation, remodeling, or new home construction project in the following ways: Set priorities and goals in line. Perhaps you long for a kitchen with more space and storage. Perhaps you want a more contemporary style or more natural light. By working with both an architect and an interior designer, you can make sure that the decisions about architecture and design reflect your goals and priorities. We recommend that you bring the architect and the interior design team early on in your project so that they can both attend architectural meetings. Like that, we both can share thoughts, experiences, concerns, and updates during the underlying arranging stages and all through the task. By involving our R R Dhoot team early on, you also give us a chance to make sure that important but minor details are taken into account. Making sure there is enough room for your favorite piece of furniture or that enough coves cover the drapery tracks and shade the housing can have a big impact on your finished project’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. 


Because architecture and interior design are separate professions with different training, skills, and experiences, you may need both to ensure that your home construction, remodeling, or renovation project goes off without a hitch. The advantages of having our architect and interior design team on staff include the following: Fine-tuning- It pays to measure twice and order once for major construction projects. You get two sets of eyes working on your project when you collaborate with our design team and an architect. Before anything is built or purchased, we can collaborate to thoroughly examine sizing, scale, colour, and pattern to ensure alignment. We are able to spot opportunities that we may have missed previously and anticipate potential issues before they arise as a team. Easing the communication process. Untrained individuals may find the world of home construction and architecture to be perplexing. We are very at ease in this world and are accustomed to interacting with architects as experienced interior designers. We can tell you what questions to ask, what to expect, and what technical terms to use based on our experience. Open correspondence and ordinary updates among you, our plan group, and the draftsman assist with ensuring everybody is in total agreement. Exchanging knowledge- Both our architect and interior design team have a wealth of experience to share. While R R Dhoot’s architect may have years of experience designing exteriors, and understanding local building codes, and the big picture, R R Dhoot’s interior team are likely to be more up-to-date on the latest colour schemes, flooring, finishings, furniture, and other interior elements. You’ll probably require both for a fruitful home reconstruction, redesign, or remodel. Coordinating resources- An experienced architect will have established close connections with suppliers and manufacturers. We have developed close relationships with trade partners like furniture stores, antique shops, and other vendors as experienced interior designers. We are able to connect you with discounted trade rates on everything from artwork to building supplies if we pool our connections. 

R R Dhoot aims to integrate under one roof all design proposals for various types of projects that are client-friendly, technically sound, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. 

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