Residential architecture needs experience as well as client-friendly system, which is developed by RR Dhoot in last 20 years and ongoing.
R R Dhoot is registered with Council of Architecture, Govt Of India, PMC, PCMC, PC New Town Development Authority,
All kinds of architecture, no matter whether residential or commercial, need special attention
while being built as it is associated with both design requirements and the safety of people.
Serious design flaws can cause a great deal of damage to the owner.
While building your own residential property or your dream house, you might want to hire a
capable architect as they contribute to the overall aesthetics of the house and many other
factors. From making the blueprints to turning them into an actual house, architects do it all. As
a result, the entire process becomes hassle-free and smoother giving you no headaches.
Well, let’s see, in brief, what important roles the architects play in the construction of a
residential property.

  1. Project Management
    The architect and his team will be responsible for managing the entire project and taking
    care of all the necessities that the project demands.
  2. Making Blueprints
    Before starting the actual construction, you will be shown a blueprint of your dream
    house. If you need to have any changes, you can discuss them with the architect in his
  3. Cost Calculation
    Once all the requisite aspects are measured, the architect can now provide you with the
    proper budget for the project. Obviously, it can not be 100% precise, but the estimation is
    not negligible as well. You can draw a 10% margin on the total estimation.
  4. Construction
    Finally, the architect will start with the shaping of the blueprint and you can see your
    house being built. Once the construction process is complete, you can move in int your
    new house (some also prefer to further design the interior of the house before moving
    We at R R Dhoot ensure to deliver end to end solution to our esteemed clients.

In short, a good architect can be your one-stop solution for building a residential property.
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