When the pandemic started in the year 2020 many of the employees turned to work from home, and it thus continued for the next several months. But as home working has become a part of daily life, most of the homeowners started planning to create a permanent home office design.

From buying a desk for office use to setting up the proper work environment has become everyone’s need now. But if you want to create a proper functional home office it does take more time. It takes a little more planning when you want to design it properly. With thae help of Pune’s well knwon architect R. R. Dhoot Architect and Engineer’s Pvt. Ltd. it is more easy to design your office room as per your expectations. Here are some home office tips that will help you transform whatever space you have into a hub of productivity.

Read on for our 9 essential tips for creating a beautiful and practical home office design:

Location Is The Key

The first and foremost thing to consider while designing your office space is knowing where exactly you want it. It can be in a separate room, a quiet corner, or even in your kitchen. The major key to selecting the right place for your home office is to think about where and when you do your work.

If you’re a working professional, you’ll want to select a space that’s away from the daily flow and distractions of your household. In such cases you need to select an area which is quite.

Allow Enough Space

Look around and select the space in such a way that the space you select for your work, should be comfortable enough so that you can move more easily from side to side, stand up and sit back from your desk. Make sure you allow enough space to work comfortably.

Selecting a Desk and Chair

The main things which are required for your work is, desk and chair! Choosing an ergonomic chair is much essential because you will be spending more time sitting on that chair. Select a desk that is wide enough, so that you can sit comfortably, it should give a proper back rest and support and adjustable enough so that you can move easily. And the desk that you choose should not be too high or too small. . Invest in a good-quality chair that is comfortable and adjustable if possible.

Storage and Shelving

Storage is often overlooked when designing a home office and can really affect your productivity. Make sure to include enough shelving, filing cabinets or cupboards for your storage needs. Consider your workflow – what comes in, where will it stay while being worked on, and where does it go when complete?

Natural Light and View

Natural light is essential wherever you are working. Choose a location with some natural light and a good green view if possible. Position your desk to face the windows or in a location where your computer screen will not be affected. Translucent window shades or blinds can help reduce any glare without darkening your room. You can enhance natural light by including a mirror and by keeping most of your walls a light color.

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