Living room is the most important area of any room, because these are the centres of our homes. Whether your style is traditional or modern, relaxed or formal your living room should be a place where you can feel comfortable. These are the ones which are used daily by every member of the house and also the spaces into which we welcome our friends and family.

While the process of decorating a space such as living room may feel little daunting, designing a space in terms of layout, furniture, flooring and decoration must all be considered to create comfort, welcome, practicality and durability. There is an art to decorate a room that looks great and works well for you. So, in this blog we will explain you few steps one must keep in mind when planning out a living room concept.

Set the Mood with Color

The colors you choose for the living rooms will affect how you feel inside your house and also your guests when they visit you. Colors add energy to the space or can relax the space, depending on how intense colors you are choosing. Soft Blue and White colors make the space look calm, cool which is perfect for setting elegant gatherings. Bright colors like yellow, red add some funky look to the entire house.

Choose Stylish, Comfortable Flooring

Choose a floor covering which provides comfort & warmth underfoot and makes a design statement as well. If you prefer less bold floor, its better to choose neutral flooring which allows attention to focus on furniture or art.

There are so many other types of tile designs like, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, full carpeting work. You just need to choose the one which enhances the look of your space. R. R. Dhoot being the Top Interior Designer firm in Maharashtra are always here to help you out to decorate your dream home.

Arrange Furniture for Conversation

Living rooms are one such places in the entire home, where family and friends gather to enjoy their time. Use of furniture to promote conversation and interaction amongst people is must. Pulling seating pieces away from the walls and arranging them to face each other is a great idea to start the conversion. If the living room is large enough you can also break it into two compartments for more comfortable and intimate feeling.

Accessorize with Art and Collections

Living rooms look extra beautiful and alive when you make use of art or collections that you love. This grouping of four large prints hangs low enough to connect visually to the sofa. The painting on the adjacent wall hangs at standing eye level and relates to the lamp in the corner.

Let’s Design Your Perfect Living Room

When you are planning your interior and if in doubt you should always turn to the experts. Look for inspirations from top architectural firms around you. There are millions of living room design ideas you can source for inspiration. For more such beautiful interior designs visit our website today and ask our experts.