This is one of the most frequently asked questions nowadays. As we have said in the past, Covid-19 has not completely changed the future of working culture, like where we work or how we work. But the working environment will have to create something unique feeling to the employees, so that the employees be happy, productive, healthy, and safe. As real estate professionals, we live these office space needs and wants every day. Here is what office space trends we are seeing that are luring employees back to the office:

1. Comfort & flexibility will be prioritized 

As the employees gradually returns to the office, future workspaces will prioritize on all the amenities that will give you a feeling of coziness exactly like working from home. Whereas past office design trends focused on ergonomics, 2022 will be more about creating a working environment that accommodates different working arrangements. 

2. Health and safety will become a top priority

A few months ago, our idea of staying safe was limited to wearing masks, cleaning hands or avoiding physical contact but the concept of staying safe has gone too far like creating a touchless environment by installing fixtures like door sensors, automatic soap dispensers, and other things. Other organizations are also pushing to build spaces with more durable materials that could withstand frequent, deep cleaning. 

3. Workstations will be spaced out 

Open plan workspaces, where employees sit and discuss will be parted apart to thin out the crowd and the return of cubicles and dividers between desks to maintain social distancing.

4. Sustainability will be a priority

Environmental impact of materials is becoming increasingly important to employees, employers, and designers alike. Being eco-friendly means that every item you purchase for your space is thoughtfully chosen to not negatively impact the environment.

5. Green Office

In the office trends 2022, the trend is to include natural elements in the office interior. It’s not just beautiful: the abundance of plants, the use of natural materials, and sufficient natural light have a positive effect on the physical and mental health of employees and their performance. A green environment has a positive effect on brain function and reduces stress levels.

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