A kitchen is that place which is heart of the home and which solely belongs to you, specially designed according to your preferences. It is one of the biggest dreams of any individual while buying a new house. But, the most difficult task is to fit in all the equipment, appliances, and utensils perfectly in the kitchen. In urban areas where there is a lack of space kitchen area has to be perfectly designed in order to place all the utensiles properly. Our interior designers in Pune have curated some amazing tips and tricks for those additional yet necessary elements we need in our kitchen.

A Rack on the wall :

A vertically attached drying rack on the wall is a simple yet effective solution for perfect kitchen storage. This way, you can free up your counter space and add more storage to the kitchen.

Towel Rack in the Sink :

We all love a self-contained job, especially in the kitchen space. A towel rack installed on the dish drying rack is the most futuristic choice one can make.

A Pull-Out Cutting Board:

Most essential element in the kitchen is a chopping board. Instead of placing it in here and there a  pull-out cutting board can become a life saviour for those chefs in a hurry.

An Undercover Utensil Organizer:

Turn a pull-out drawer into a utensil organizer by creating columns and holders. This way you can hide the spatulas and whisks yet keep them at one place.

Wooden Pallets:

Everyone loves to flaunt their silver set in the kitchen. If there is space constraint, add wooden pallets above the sink on the wall for a decorative accessory.

Dispense Vegetable Drawers:

A hideout drawer for all kinds of fruits and vegetables is a must in the kitchen. Create a pull-out dispenser drawer to store the veggies and convert the sink into a cabinet.

Pot and Pan Rack :

You can also showcase your creativity and flaunt the luxurious utensils and pan sets by using these pot and pan racks. This helps to save you unnecessary cluttering space. This trick works best in a one-bedroom apartment with space constraints and limitless opportunities for creative ideas. R. R. Dhoot Architects and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known name among top Interior designers in Pune. Our kitchen storage solutions are simple, effective, yet highly functional. To get more access to such out-of-box storage ideas, connect with our expert professionals, and they shall cater to you with your needs and design