When you have decided to take the next big step in your life and ready to build your dream home or ready to build a dream office. Who are you going to call to make your dream come true? An architect or a contractor? Both are the same? Can you achieve your dream with anyone? In short, they are not the same and you cannot complete your project without the other. An architect and a contractor though they live in similar words they are very different. Bot have a symbiotic relationship which is necessary for any dream project to come to life. The choice isn’t always obvious, which is why we’re going to provide some guidance in this post.

An architect is one who unites the artistic vision and practicality before building anything real. They are very important at the beginning of the project because their drawings serve as a reference point for all
the construction work.

An architect’s aim is to make a plan in such a way that it must adhere to regulations and codes according to the law. Becoming an architect is not easy you must earn a professional degree from an accredited school according to the National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB).

A contractor is one who manages the construction of a building, which he/she has gotten the design from architects. Contractors are these to execute the vision who hire workers under them to build the project. They work with the architect to finish the project with few issues.

Contractors do not necessarily need to grab a degree or a license to work. But degrees like construction, management, and carpentry are helpful in their career path to grow them in their field.

An architect is one who plans properly to create a design that meets a client’s needs and requirements. The scope of the project can be massive or it can be small. From skyscrapers to your own home remodel. Not only they are restricted to the design stage but work with contractors to ensure
implementation of their design goes according to plan.

A contractor is responsible for implementing the architect’s design. Larger projects typically involve the general contractor that delegates more specialized tasks to subcontractors.

An architect typically costs much higher than a contractor. If you are using them solely for planning and design they may cost more. They tend to charge a percentage of the project’s overall cost if they are overseeing the whole thing. Unlike architects, contractors do not typically charge by the hour. Rather, they will charge a fee for the whole project. This varies wildly depending on what you are looking to have done.

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