Are you in search of a good interior designer? A good interior designer is the one who can understand your aspirations and can convert them into reality. A good interior designer is one who can not only help your dream come true but also make the journey enjoyable. We at R. R. Dhoot Architect and Engineers Pvt. Ltd. are the top architectural firm in the city, always try to make sure that our clients first step in the house should be filled with positivity, happiness and memorable moments.

How to choose skilled and Good Interior Designer

The question arises as to how to choose the skilled interior designer. Below are the five points listed you can refer to while choosing a best interior design for your home building.


The best way to get the interior designer for your home construction is by referral. Check with your neighbours, friends, family members if they have met any professionals in this sectors.

Search engine:

If in case you do not know anyone who can recommend you a good interior designer, you can always search online for the list. Search engines, social media or interior design related platform can help you to shortlist the names. You can fix up an appointment and meet her/him with a questionnaires to know about their work.


Bot experienced and inexperienced designers have their own drawbacks. It is always safe to go with the experienced design because there wont be any mistake in the designing process. Inexperienced designers have their own advantages, as they are new to the market, you might get some good discount and he/she will be much more proactive in order to establish their foot in the industry.

Look for their recent projects:

Check, whether they have worked with the similar kind of projects that you have been looking for. And what has been the budget for the same? Visit their projects sites and consult the related persons to know more about the person and his/her work. This will help you understand if he/she can work within your allocated budget for the project.

What is the process involved?

Understanding the complete process right from designing phase is very important to get more transparency. Designer should be able to elaborate the complete process involved for designing, approvals and execution. In case if there are no proper procedures followed ten there might arise some complications in the future, so to avoid further problems the process has to be very clear.


Whether you know the designer through any reference or do not know the person, it is very much essential to right down all the agreement policies on paper and signed by both. It is very much essential to get to know the scope of services for both the sides. Designer should not be reluctant in getting involved in a signed agreement before the start of the project.

Open to ideas:

When you raise any question to the designer, the promptness in replies can give you idea if the designer is willing to work on the project or not. If you observe there is less response from the designer’s side, then assume that it is the time to move to the next option.

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