When you are building a new home or renovating a home there are few places which look not so important and interior designers tend to leave those places. The places which are not so prominent in the house might take less attention or may be because of the tight  budget constraints these spaces are considered under afterthoughts. This blog brings to you the 5 most common spots that you may miss out when designing your house.

Laundry room

When remodelling house, Laundry rooms or dry balconies are among one of the most commonly ignored spaces. This place helps to keep things clean,  leaving it as an afterthought would not be such a wise decision. Laundry room does not require a lot of space, the main focus should be given on creating an efficient space. There has to be a designated space  for a washing machine, a small sink and a cabinet.


The space below the staircase can be used in many effective ways. It is the perfect spot to make space for extra storage of your footware, can be turned into a well-organized pantry, if you are tight on kitchen space, you can install large drawers for extra ration storage or can be assigned to bookshelves, if planned thoughtfully.

Bedroom lounge areas

While planning a bedroom we mainly focus on bedside of the room and ignore the remaining space. We need to have some space for reading, or for our work as we cannot spend a whole day sitting on the bed. Make your cozy spot, place a lounge chair with an ottoman, optional, and pair it with a nice sleek bookshelf. Every bedroom is different if you don’t have a corner to commit, use the end of your bed for this space.

Hallways or Passage

These are the space which are used frequently when moving into the house. The environment in this area helps to set the mood. You can convert this area into art by converting it into a gallery wall. Arrange with the frames in cohesive composition, add family pictures, travel scenes or artworks and turn them into attractive place. It is the most simple way to give your house a personal touch.

Terrace Gardens

Nowadays terrace gardens are in boom. You can well-utilize the terrace space by placing furniture, swing seats, and a lot of plants. You can also choose weather resistant cushions on the floor, A set of foldable chairs and can make a relaxing space for yourself. double-height terraces, which are quite famous in Maharashtra, we suggest you utilize the space instead of ignoring the height available.


We hope the ideas shortlisted and detailed out especially for you will be helpful to get the best out of your efforts. Please let us know what else you like or what have you done to make your house beautiful. We would be glad to receive your comments.

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