An Architect helps the client at various stages of the building construction, right from the house planning to construction administration.  The steps may include schematic house planning, 2d / 3d designing, designing development, building elevation, proposing construction cost, construction documents, bidding or negotiation, and construction administration. The selection of right architect is very much essential to complete your dream project. The following checklist is based on pre and post questions to ask your architect before appointing him/her as an residential architect for your project.

1. How much does an architect charge

Do ask them the fees associated with the project. Is the charge based on  per square foot (if so, how much)? or a percentage of construction (if so, how much)?. Architects typically bill monthly, as soon as they start their work. It is always recommended to be Clear with the fee structure before you proceed further. What’s more important is clarity about the plan so you can manage your remodelling budget.

2. Ask for references

Ask them if they have any reference projects. Based on the projects they have completed it becomes easy to decide whether to opt or not. Meet the owners of those projects if possible, it becomes easy to get to know about the architect’s work.

3. Description of design phase

Every architecture has a different way of executing their designing phase. Do ask them about how does your schematic design phase work? And Also ask them do they develop a limited number of options or keep designing until the owner is happy with/ has signed off on the plans? Be clear from your end so that you won’t have any problems in future.

​4. Point of contact

Ask, is he/se is a sole-proprietor or do they have any employees? Who will be doing the design?  Who will I be meeting and communicating if I have anything to discuss about the project? When things are clear the work continues at faster rate.

5. Changes

If you are willing to do any changes in the already designed structure, ask them do they charge any extra amount? What triggers additional services (major scope changes only)? Do you charge hourly for additional work? Will you prepare a proposal/ estimate of how many hours the additional work will take?

6. 3 dimensional drawing

Two dimensional plan can tell you about where the walls, windows, and doors are but you may not get an accurate feel about the design, how it will look in the real world. Ask your candidate how the ideas and drawings will be represented.

Above are the few points to consider while selecting the best residential architect for your projects. Do consider the points and opt the best that suits your budget. We at R. R. Dhoot Architecture and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. are one of the top residential architect firm in Pune whom you can contact . Visit us at for more information.