Designing your office space? Making your office space look and feel like home is not an easy task, you need to consider few points before designing it to achieve that perfect look. You want to design your office space without making it too overwhelming or too districting by balancing between style and comfort to feel inside your office space. We at R.R. Dhoot Architects & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. are a best architectural firms in Pune who can guide you to design your office space the way you want.

Below are few tips shared on how to successfully design an architecture office

1. Find an Open Office Space

Find an open office space which is big enough to house all the required equipments to do your day-to-day work. There should be enough space to conduct meetings, materials room, a place to showcase work, and a temporary dumping place for all architecture office essentials.

2. Blend comfort with style

One way to increase productivity is by giving all the comfort to your employees. Comfortable office environment increases productivity, raising your working efficiency and effectiveness. If your office is spacious you can accessorize it with some cozy pillows.

3. The importance of light

Light is the important part when it comes to decorations of an office space. Choose an office space that doesn’t hide away from natural source of light-the sun. Choose the right window type to install and allow the natural light to enter.

4.  Automation

Use automation control systems which not only reduces operation costs but also increase employee well-being and productivity. Include some sort of automation system that controls the air conditioning, ventilation, lights and utilities. For example instead of traditional air conditioning systems, use radiant cooling systems, which can help reduce energy consumption and increase thermal comfort. Light sensors which adjusts by itself according to the natural light can also help to save energy consumption.

5.  Make it Aesthetically Pleasing 

It is much essential to have an aesthetically pleasing office, both for your employees and for clients who visits your office. The place that you have designed for your office work reflects your ability. Place the things around the room in a tidy and coherent fashion. Don’t forget to focus on the reception desk because this is the first place where the visitors enter, it should be aesthetically pleasing for that first impression.

6. Add bright office accessories

Just like your home, different accessories can give that pleasure to your office or working space. Use several office accessories for decorative purposes, like the cool and vintage feeling items to add that glamorous look to the space. Scatter the accessories all over the office, brighten up your desk using funky artwork to create point of attraction indoors, alternate your chair in a unique way to add beauty.

It is always better to consult an architectural consultancy firms if you are planning to design your office in a unique way.

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