Residential architecture and Commercial Architecture are a huge part of architecture design, it is difficult to appreciate the significant differences between these two. both strive to offer the best in design/building projects for their clients. It is believed that the aim of both residential and commercial design is to build sustainable infrastructure and ensuring project compliance with local building regulations. However, designing commercial buildings, needs a much grander understanding of scalability and structural integrity.

R.R. Dhoot Architecture and engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a top architecture firm in Pune when it comes to choosing architects for your residential and commercial buildings. In this article, lets understand the key differences between the two types of architecture design, commercial and residential.


Residential buildings like houses, apartments, and other places to reside require specific architecture design elements which are designed as per the expectations of homeowners. It’s important to design the infrastructure of the house to be stable and safe for people.

Commercial buildings can be for banks, credit unions, hospitals, offices, businesses or retail stores, or can be Storerooms which require specific design elements. And they have to serve many purposes that can affect the design.


Residential architects Work with interior designers to create very customized and styled concepts within the home as per the requirement of home owners.

Commercial architects are responsible for understanding commercial safety and integrity codes, they also ensure that the building which they are constructing should meet the requirements of the structure.  

Safety norms:

The residential architect should consider all the safety norms for the residential structure like stairs, electrical lines, and plumbing. He/she has to have a good knowledge about safety norms.

Commercial spaces have more challenges like they have to consider each and every aspect of safety for each room or each storey. There are some additions like an escalator, café, elevators, changing rooms, conference room or even gyms. So, the safety norm changes making it a bit challenging.

Creative freedom:

Residential architects work on an individual basis, they are free to give suggestions, and inputs. While giving suggestions they do not have to take permission from any authority hence they enjoy immense creative freedom.

Commercial architectures are huge designs, hence need a larger team to finalize the design, in that case commercial architect as a individual might not get much creative freedom to put forward his/her ideas.


Residential designs are normally considered to be small projects when compared to commercial, they can be structures of houses, apartments and other small projects.

Commercial buildings and architecture projects are considered to be larger than residential buildings. To accommodate more people, commercial buildings are made larger.

While  residential and commercial architecture designs do have some common points, there are key differences that change how different buildings are designed.

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