Dreaming about high-end looking home in a less budget? As a well-known architect designer firm in Pune, we understand that not everyone wants to flow their cash on home interiors and décor.  But everyone wants a perfectly-designed home which satisfies eyes and mind. We at R. R. Dhoot Architects and Engineers Pvt. Ltd. have come up with some sneaiest ways to design an elegant and good looking home that fits your budget.

Here, you will discover some of the simplest and least expensive ways to make your home look elegant. Take the time to keep reading – you just might be surprised at these simple tricks which will leave your home a high-end look.

1.  Paint – Color Matters

Paint color is one of the difficult decisions to make when decorating a room. If you want to add instant glamour to your home, there are some colors you can choose – bold and dramatic OR soft, understated hues which adds instant elegance to your home. Painting interior doors black is a great idea which creates an expensive look.

2. Window Treatments – A Must-Have Accessory

Window treatments are one of the most budget-friendly ways to add some elegance to your home. When selecting window treatments make smart choices, For instance, avoid see-through materials. When it comes to window treatments stick with elegant materials such as natural silk, linen, and cotton.  Dress your windows—they ensure your home looks elegant and well-designed.

3. Detailing Matters

No matter how much amount you invest in your home decor, if you skip the minute details, you lose adding a personal touch to the entire space. From ceilings to walls crown molding create a significant impact on your interiors. Try to keep variations among the molding such as high baseboard, ceiling beams, medallions, rails, columns, etc.

4. Add visual space with a mirror or two

Place some sneaky mirrors so that eyes will be tricked into thinking a space is larger than it actually is.  Large mirrors will reflect the room back, making it appear more spacious—even twice its actual size. It’s one of the clever decorating tips to make a small bathroom appear bigger.

5. Give the illusion of higher ceilings

If you can’t raise your roof, you might consider raising your window treatments. Raising window panels to create an illusion of height and give a grander feel. Simply adding fabric to your existing panels can solve the problem.

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