An architecture firm is a community that trains in giving architectural works to clients. Such firms often hire architects along with a support team that help the architects to do their tasks.
Due to the current scenario of COVID-19, all the firms have directed the workers to work from home. This affected the firms in their work due to the sudden change in the environment. Practitioners across the region offer intuition on the impact of the coronavirus on their team, operations, and projects. Due to the material shortages contractors have to change the directive of their project. Since the workers are working from home they can spend more time thinking about their projects and get new creative ideas.
Looking at the worst scenario, several consulting contracts are delayed and rescheduled. Also, it disturbed them in their face-to-face conversations and it became difficult to collaborate from a distance. It also became difficult for managers to evaluate their team’s performance as they can’t observe them. Remote working requires high levels of trust in the staff. Even though due to this pandemic situation they managed their work effectively and come out with some ways like conversions, rethinking intensive care, survey, and research, material shipments, etc.

These are some ways that the future sector will hold the work.

1. Priorities will change and the whole world will gain new perspectives. New considerations, new reflections, and new perceptions will take into consideration as it has become all to work digitally.
2. Organize your digital space the way you organize your physical space. Always work smarter instead of harder through digital processing.
3. In planning for the future, climatic change and environmental degradation must be considered.
4. Variety of work, total development value, time limits, the scope of works, all these factors could be constructed into a new design of procurement, contracts, and billing.
5. This pandemic serves to remind us how important our houses are to our daily well-being.
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